Our vision: A World Class Curriculum for every learner

We work with our partners to develop a world class curriculum for young people. The principles of a World Class Curriculum are universal.

A World Class Curriculum will:

􀀀 inspire and challenge all learners, and equip them with the confidence, the ability and desire to make the world a better place

􀀀 be based on clear, shared aims, principles and values that put the learner at their heart

􀀀 excite imaginations and give learners access to the world’s major areas of learning

􀀀 secure competence in essential skills of learning and life, and promote personal development

􀀀 be located in the context of the learner’s life, and emphasise the interconnectedness of learning

􀀀 provide for intellectual, physical, emotional, social, scientific, aesthetic and creative development

􀀀 be international in its outlook, but rooted within its community

􀀀 address contemporary issues as well as the big ideas that have shaped the world in the past

􀀀 promote independence of thought and creativity of mind through a wide repertoire of learning approaches.


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